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ceramics workshops at jackson hole, 2008

updated fri 22 feb 08


sam dowd on thu 21 feb 08


The Art Association of Jackson Hole presents three ceramic workshops this year. Contact us for more information at 307-733-6379 or

Mitch Lyons
May 29, 30, 31 & June 1
Thursday - Sunday, 9:30am - 4:30pm
$450 ($425 members)
If your artistic aspirations don't fit neatly into a given category, this workshop, which expands the possibilities of one medium into another, may be just what you're looking for. Start by rolling a slab of stoneware that will serve as your printing plate, and while it dries to leather-hard, you'll make clay slip to which you'll add both organic and inorganic pigments. Brush the pigments onto the slab, and when they dry, you'll inlay them into the slab with a wooden rolling pin, one color of slip over another. Ceramic techniques, including slip trailing, stamping, and incising, provide texture and color. When you lift the colored slips onto paper or canvas substrate, you'll produce a monotype distinguished by its velvety surface and rich color. Mitch will demonstrate the process and show slides of the history of clay printing. All levels of experience are welcome.

Paul Lewing
June 12 - 13, 2008
Thursday & Friday, 9am - 5pm
$300 ($275 members)
This demonstration workshop begins with forming tiles by rolling, extruding and pressing. Learn plans for a homemade slab roller, tile press and cone 10 and cone 5 glaze recipes. We will discuss mortars, grouts, and installation techniques. Explore decorating techniques and the basics of glaze chemistry starting with glazing bisqued tiles in Paul's painterly manner, by trailing, spraying, pouring, sponging, and brushing glazes. Students will learn about sumi-e painting, china paints with emphasis on water-soluble mediums, silk-screening, airbrushing, and other methods. Architectural ceramics will be discussed through a slide show. Marketing and commissions, dealing with architects, designers and trade showrooms, plus selling at various kinds of shows will also be covered.

Phil Jenkins
September 25, 26, 27
Thursday - Saturday, 10 - 4pm
$ 250 ($ 225 members)

In this workshop students will focus on hands on wheel throwing techniques. Demonstrations will include throwing, altering, darting, slip-decorating, simplifying the complex, and improving throwing skills. Students will then be encouraged to try new methods of altering thrown forms, the utilizing and joining of wheel thrown parts; combining elements to create personal expression that completes a detailed yet functional piece.
( Some throwing experience necessary )

Phil Jenkins is a product of the St Albans School of Art Hertfordshire, and a graduate of the University of Art London Collage of Fashion. He studied sculptural form and function under the late Larry Elsner Utah State University, followed by clay and glaze techniques with Dorothy Berenson University of Utah.

Currently he is the director of the Idaho State University Craft Shop in Pocatello, where he and with his wife Shelly Cutler reside and are co- partners in the production of Woodbine Pottery for the past fifteen years, the works of which are quietly being used and collected by many.

Thank you,

Sam Dowd
Ceramics and Sculpture
Art Association of Jackson Hole

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