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wholesale market tips

updated sat 15 nov 97


Wendy Rosen on fri 14 nov 97

February Wholesale Market Tips

For five days, thousands of shop and gallery owners pass by your booth-
yet only a few stop to write an order! What's wrong with this picture?
Without a good plan you could fail to achieve the number of orders you
expect out of this important show.

Tip #1.
If buyers think they can write an order with you at another show... they
will! Philadelphia's 1,500+ exhibitors are tough on buyers and they look
for excuses to postpone an order. Write to tell buyers where you want your
order... in Philadelphia. Don't take a chance that they will call you or
see you later!

Tip #2.
Let buyers know how "limited" your production really is... and that the
early order gets top priority. Send a post card asking for a "pre-show

Tip #3.
Bring new work. Most of your current customers have little reason to stop
by your booth unless they know you have new work!

Tip #4.
Phone call your best accounts and those that have exclusivity arrangements
due to expire. You'll know before the show, exactly which cities or
regions you have open and which are taken.

Tip #5.
Up the ante. Analyze your exclusive relationships and determine how you
can improve these relationships with higher sales goals, in-store
promotions, special exhibitons or mailings and co-op advertising.

Tip #6
Keep your brochures, postcards and order forms away from the aisle.
Exchange your paperwork for a business card. Begin to compile a list of
prospective customers.

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