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harbingers/competition/pro couples

updated sun 17 feb 08


Dayton Grant on fri 15 feb 08

Hi, Lois, everybody,
The name Harbingers was given to our team by Mike F., It is an 'archaic' wo=
rd, meaning it is not in current popular usage.
It means "one that is 'sent ahead' to secure the lodging for the main party=
", its kind of contradictory, like saying "back to the future", but instead=
, we are being sent "ahead to the past" to serve as liaison between the anc=
ient pottery traditions, and the new. I believe there is a thread of myster=
ious material truth that runs through our human evolution from Ancient Time=
s right up until now and into the future. Whether these traditions are valu=
able or not, is up to each individual, but I am wholly dedicated to this vi=
ew of the modern material world, which I believe to be just as important as=
any Religion or Political Party. To me pottery is both.=20

I don't know how the first kiln came about, but with a kiln you can make an=
other kiln, like the Phoenix, from the fire of one, magically comes another=
, and so on, forever. In one ancient book it says "Go down into the land, a=
s I will show you", and I believe that was a record of one of the first kil=
ns, I could go on and on about how I see reference to the kiln arts all thr=
ough the History books of the different cultures of the world, I feel like =
the 'Indiana Jones' of Pottery, ever since I was initiated into the kiln ar=
ts, it has changed my life, everything looks different to me now. When I lo=
ok at the very ground under my feet, I ponder what mix of glass, metal, or =
stone would result if I passed it through my kiln.The more efficient the be=

I don't really think of throwing as a competitive sport, but a skill that s=
hould be maintained at a high standard.
The object of competition being not to 'beat' the other potters but to keep=
everyone at a certain level of proficiency through periodic interaction an=
d exchange of technical practices. Like the state fair or whatever, raising=
vegetables is not a competitive sport but some people are good at it and t=
hey receive ribbons and stuff and they usually share tips on how everyone c=
ould improve their garden, friendly competition leads to sharing of methods=
, if I did'nt want to 'share' I would'nt say anything, I would just pretend=
like "I don't 'know' where the stuff came from, just lucky I guess" And no=
, bigger is not necessarily better, as in Kelly's tiny teapots, that ribbon=
goes to her for sure.

Mike and Magdalena Frimkess are a Pro Couple, and neither of them would pro=
bably be what they are without the other, I can't lie, I would 'love' to ha=
ve a ceramically inclined wife, but I have'nt met her yet, if anyone knows =
where she is, tell her Im lookin' for her.

I have to go now, my Mom's in the hospital and I gotta go get her outta the=
re and take her home, wish us luck. =20

Peace, Dayton James Grant =20

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