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updated sat 16 feb 08


mel jacobson on fri 15 feb 08

Colored Clay and Slips Workshop=20

Many clayarters have asked me to let them know=20
when and where I will be teaching a workshop.=20
Here is one for June of this year.=20

Take a look at Chris Campbell=92s website
and see what=92s in store for Friday thru Sunday, June 6=968=20
in the Virginia Wesleyan College ceramics studio in the=20
Hofheimer Fine Arts building. =20

Using colored clay and colored slips, Chris will demonstrate=20
how to create secondary colors, fade colors, create murrini=20
patterns, use these patterns, layer slips and carve through=20
them, and create faux surfaces. =20

Workshop participants will then practice, under Chris=92s=20
guidance, these techniques using the colored materials=20
provided in the workshop. Each participant will take home=20
colored clay and black slip.=20

For a better idea of what the workshop will entail, Chris=20
suggests you follow the =93In the studio=94 link on her website. =20

Workshop hours:=20
Friday 6=969 pm; Saturday 9 til 5 (or 6); Sunday 9 til 5. =20
Cost for this workshop is $105 for CDA members, $135 for=20

Because this is a hands-on workshop, space will be limited to=20
allow participants room to work. =20
Each participant will need to bring: =BD bag of Highwater P5 porcelain=20
clay body ( you can also buy it onsite ), some simple tools (nothing=
and a few pieces of clean canvas to use as work surfaces.=20

PLEASE NOTE: There=92s a slight possibility the venue for this workshop=20
may change, but it will definitely be in Norfolk or Virginia Beach,=
Virginia. =20
Any change would take place before the month of February is over, therefore=
leaving plenty of time to get the word out to participants.=20

To register:=20

Make check payable to CDA and mail to=20
Susan Yager=20
121 Terrell Road=20
Newport News, VA 23606=20
Nonmembers, please include email and phone.=20

For further info:=20
Sooz Yager=20
Workshop Committee Chair=20 =20
Phone : 757-595-3185=20

Chris Campbell Pottery LLC=20
9417 Koupela Drive=20
Raleigh NC 27615-2233=20

Designs in Colored Porcelain=20

Fax : 919-676-2062=20
wholesale :

from minnetonka:
clayart site: