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packing cups/ starting in the studio...

updated sun 10 feb 08


gary navarre on sat 9 feb 08

Hay Crew,

One of the things I've enjoyed about being a student
of clay is sooner or later something that didn't make
sense becomes clear and I learn something new. And
also when some pieces are coming good that can change
real quick as did the bata test I'm doing with Fotki's
bata test of cups and comparing it to Wal*Mart's
outsourcing kiosk. I found out that my W*M order site
is connected to a Fuji development center somewhere in
Minnesota and I think Fotki has their cups printed in
New York where they were shipped from but I'm not
certain. What this is leading to is the differences in
packaging these two sources use and the results, as
they might help me if I were to ship cups I made from
my studio without making it outrageously expensive.
I'm waiting to hear from Fotki on a refund but the gal
in W*M photo lab said I could bring the flawed pieces
back and they can send the order back to be reissued.
Guess that way the printer does get a chance to check
quality over and tighten up the ship. I thought they'd
give me a refund and claims it out and nobody would
know of the flaw... ISO 9000 eh? I'm thinking the
images were wrinkled when put into the clamp with the
cup causing an air pocket, another case of "real
quick'itis" eh? Anyway here is a bit on how packing
affects product arrival...

After taking the time to straighten up the studio and
sort out some raw materials it looks like the clay has
plans for me. I thought I'd be waiting to finish the
kiln chamber before trying to make something but
wouldn't ya know it, I wedged up 15 pounds of
something white when it drys, and kinda like warm
cream cheese, into 3 pound balls. That must be the
stuff I mixed before escaping with the last studio 18
years ago. Here is the introduction to where I'll be

After this I managed to make something but the rim
slumped a bit, which could be a cool spot for ash to
pool with glazes. I should decorate it just because
it's the first piece in 18 years. I guess I better
start practicing now for when I really start keeping
things. That could keep me busy for another 6 months
so stay in there eh!

Gary Navarre
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA

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