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copyright on tee shirts/sexism

updated sun 10 feb 08


mel jacobson on sat 9 feb 08

i gave away my rights to that clayart post the
minute it left my computer 8 years ago.

it does not bother me. several have asked to dupe it
on tee shirts.

but, if someone else tries to copyright it...say that
it belongs to them...i will tear out their heart.
and the legend on the bottom should say...`clayart` does not
have to say mel.

kelly,i am so pleased that sexism is dead and gone.
i will sleep well tonight...and never have to mention
it again on clayart. good, i will answer the woman
that was sexually abused during a wood firing...drunken
brawl, fighting...that she was wrong. and the other three
that wrote me..they were wrong too. so be it.

and, in that same vein....because we have a black man
running for president....racism is gone then too?
we older people just don't catch know...dinosaurs.

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