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peter king's book

updated sat 9 feb 08


Lili Krakowski on tue 5 feb 08

Nan was looking for a copy of Architectural Ceramics.

AddAll, Abebooks, and Alibris all list it.
The price is impressive, though, so sit down when you look.

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage

Doric T. Jemison-Ball ll on tue 5 feb 08

"The price is impressive, though, so sit down when you look."

Strangely enough if you're patient, you can be surprised. I was looking for
a non-ceramic book ["Nazarene Gospel" Robert Graves/Joshua Podro] out of
print since 1947. Typical prices were between $300 and $800. I kept looking
on ABE BOOKS and eventually got a very good copy for less than $20.00. It
took about a year.

Doric T.Jemison-Ball II

"You can always cure the sausage that's too long"
Susan Gatherers

Clayart SCtag on fri 8 feb 08

glad I bought mine at NCECA from Lark Books for $16.95 last spring.

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