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chinese kiln shelves

updated fri 1 feb 08


tony clennell on thu 31 jan 08

These Japanese carbide shelves are what the cheap Chinese
ones copy, but without the same quality control.

Lee in Mashiko, Tochigi Japan

Lee: I have been using the Chinese silicon carbide shelves for 3 years
now and am very happy with them. Not only are they lighter they
haven't warped a bit and we fire hot and we crash cool. All this talk
of babying the Advancers and I wouldn't want them. My kiln is covered
with a roof but open on 3 sides and my shelves are out there too. My
two friends Harlan House and Bruce Cochrane are using them too. HH
fires to cone 13 flat and has had no warping. If you get a couple of
potters together and order 100 shelves you can get them directly
shipped to you by Jackson Lee of Sanbao in Jingdezhen. He will be at
Necca. I saw my shelves 16 x 28 in Jingdezhen for about $10. I think
we paid $30 each. they come prewashed and those nifty little slits in
the side prevent the warping. Sell you shelves to an upstart potter in
Jpn and buy new ones when ya get to America.
All the best,

William & Susan Schran User on thu 31 jan 08

On 1/31/08 11:04 AM, "tony clennell" wrote:

> they come prewashed and those nifty little slits in
> the side prevent the warping.

Actually the cuts are made to release thermal stress at high temperature, t=
prevent the shelves from cracking.

Repeated high temperature firings will cause warping of these shelves over
time. Rotating (flipping) of these shelves are recommended by both sellers
and the manufacturers.

These shelves can be an appropriate alternative to the more expensive
Advancer shelves as long as one understands they will not perform in the
same manner.

We use Advancers in our gas fired kiln at school. We're up to 1000=B0F in an
hour. No problems with the shelves.

I use Advancers in my studio for crystalline firings. 750=B0 an hour heating
ramp from the start. No problems with the shelves.

Any shelf will work in many different situations. Just have to know what yo=
have and what you can do with it.

I will being information to NCECA.


William "Bill" Schran