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eva/final firing time

updated thu 31 jan 08


mel jacobson on wed 30 jan 08

i think over the years, i have found that
letting the kiln have its head right through
the firing. so, when you get to cone 8 just let
the kiln keep going. don't mess with it.

when 10 is right where you want it...turn off the gas.
if you want to...clear the kiln for a few minutes.
peeps out, damper all the way out.
..then button it up. i read the middle peep for
back pressure...about three inches. use the same peep
each time. soon, you will be able to mark your damper so
that you get almost the same spot each time...if all things
are sort of equal, it will work just fine again. moving that
damper in and out, gas high, gas low at cone 9 gets rather silly.
then no one has a clue as to what has happened. it is harder
to repeat a great firing if you keep messin with it.

turn it back on for at least an hour at 1900.
one burner on half. damper adjusted so it
will not raise or lower the temp...just hang at 1900F.

button up. cool slow.
others will add to this idea.
from minnetonka:
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