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gail/mel's book

updated wed 30 jan 08


mel jacobson on tue 29 jan 08

i am shooting for fall of this year.
no one can believe how quick it can happen
when the raw data is all together.

bill schran just dropped me a line...he is doing
the section on kiln shelves...everything you want to know.
he has kiln shelves coming to his school, to test.
vendors are very cooperative. every kiln shelf vendor in america.
he wants to do a presentation on shelves in the clayart
room at great is that?
does this give you a clue about the quality of
shared, responsible book building?

you wonder why i want kathi le sueur's kiln in the book,
with her written comments? people /men and women
that know what they are talking about.

it thrills me every day just open the emails from
the book gang. enough energy there to fire a kiln.
from minnetonka:
clayart site: