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apprenticeship in tile - 3nd posting with how to reach our website

updated tue 29 jan 08


Zayas, Adam on mon 28 jan 08

3rd posting - sorry folks! For some reason when I submit this link to Claya=
rt it doesn't function properly. If the link does not function for you ple=
ase try going direct to the site or http://buckscounty.=
org - try typing it out rather than using the hyperlink. Once you are in t=
he Bucks county website click on "visitors" - you'll see us at the top of t=
he page. Again - my apologies for any frustrations you may have had with t=

Anyone interested in a 12 week apprenticeship in tilemaking? Please check =
under "Educational Programs" on our web site for info. Deadline is March 3r=
d for summer session.
A unique collaboration between ceramists and an active Arts & Crafts worki=
ng history museum, the apprenticeship program of the Moravian=A0 Pottery an=
d Tile Works is offered twice yearly with each twelve week session limited =
to three participants.=A0 Apprentices work 24 hrs per week in exchange for =
an hourly wage.=A0 Participants learn various forming and reproduction tech=
niques including tile/mosaic making, moldwork, glaze application, sagger fi=
ring for controlled smoking of clay, and concrete installation.
Apprentices have an opportunity to produce works using the standard materia=
ls and tools of the pottery.=A0 They are exposed to a turn of the century k=
nowledge based on the Arts & Crafts philosophy and aesthetics adhered to by=
the Moravian Pottery & Tile Works.=A0=20
Apprentices are provided with limited studio space in the Pottery, which is=
accessible to them between the hours of 5 a.m. and midnight, seven days a =
week.=A0 In addition, they receive free materials, use of tools, technical =
advice, and biweekly pay based on the work produced under the Pottery's dir=
Email me direct at if you have questions which the w=
eb site does not answer.

Adam Zayas
Head Ceramist=20
Moravian Pottery & Tile Works
130 E. Swamp Road
Doylestown, PA 18901
215.345.6722 x25 Tel
215.345.1361 Fax