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fireproof display materials

updated mon 28 jan 08


Ellen Currans on sat 26 jan 08

Thank you Lynn, for the address for the RoseBrand catalog. =C2=A0The Oregon=20=
Convention Center requires fireproof materials in our Showcase displays also=
. =C2=A0Fabrics and Paint must be fireproof, and we cannot store extra work=20=
in cardboard cartons. =C2=A0We have been able to get very expensive paint an=
d a mixture to dip fabric into from one source in Vancouver, but they often=20=
run out just before a show. =C2=A0Rosebrand looks like a good resource we ca=
n pass around our group.

I have never seen the fire marshall at our show, but the story is that he wi=
ll come through and if you don't have your papers in order, and there is any=
question, =C2=A0he will set fire to your drape or whatever, and if it burns=
, shut you down. =C2=A0We are allowed to use cardboard boxes as bottoms for=20=
display pedestals but they must be painted with fireproof paint.

Ellen Currans

Dundee, Oregon=C2=A0

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