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cleaning up the listserv/moderator

updated sun 27 jan 08


mel jacobson on sat 26 jan 08

i am in hopes that folks can
check your own settings, find if you
have several accounts with clayart listserv
and delete or modify them.

if you know friends that have set their account
to NOMAIL and it has been that way for years....remind
them to delete their account.

believe it or not, there are many that have no idea
what name they stuck on their account.

`hey mel, delete me from clayart`.
`what account?`
`how should i know....`
you know what i mean.

with the latest outburst of spam frenzie
on this list, it more and more reminds me
that many have no clue what a listserv is.

those that have been with us for years, with the
same account, and are responsible with that account,
i applaud you. keep up the great work.

in many cases, it is easy for me to delete an account
or give a try and teach via twenty emails
how this list works is hell.

both AOL AND YAHOO provide us with special
tasks to keep things coming to you.

i know, tell folks to read the instructions...`GOOD LUCK`.
i have been traveling, and home with a nasty case
of diarrhea, and it will not go away. starting a very strong
regimen today.

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