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website info when selling wholesale

updated sat 26 jan 08


Lee Marshall on thu 24 jan 08

most of my busuness is wholesale but i do a few local shows and have 2 open
hoses every year. i also have a's main function is to sell to
galleries and gift shops but i do get occassional requests to buy pots from the
website. about a year ago after lots of discussion at the buyer's market in
philly i took off all the retail prices and required a password to get to
the wholesale info. i have all the contact info phone, email address, snail
mail address on the contact page . it is not password protected. i am getting
some requests to take this info off my site and have galleries request contact
info by supplying their business id info. so far i have resisted this. BUT i
don't want to irritate my galleries. i really like only having to pack up
sold pots. and i understand where they are coming from. somebody visits a shop
in washington dc, goes home to iowa and wants to buy my pots. googles me and
finds my website. maybe they tell me they saw my stuff in washington, maybe
not. i would not have this customer contact without the gallery in washington.
the gallery in washington has a website with my stuff on it and can ship
anywhere. the gallery really sold that pot not me.
so any suggestions. i really like the info on there for old customers that
may have lost contact with me as well as just people who find me some other
way. i was just on a local public tv show and was amazed at the number of folks
who called or emailed that i hadn't heard form in years. but my bread and
butter is galleries
lee marshall

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Chris Campbell on fri 25 jan 08

Lee -

I visited your website and it seems to me
that you are doing a very fair job of protecting
your wholesale galleries.

I think it is perfectly reasonable for them to want
no retail prices and password protection into the
wholesale side ... you have done this.

It is NOT your fault that customers walk out
of their stores without buying ... you cannot
control that part. It's their job to train their staff
so they know how to close a sale.

If they had done their job, they would not have
to nitpick you and try to say it's your fault.

But let's be reasonable here ...
You have the right to have your contact info
on a site that you are maintaining and paying for ...
are you supposed to hide away somewhere and
not even answer your phones unless it's them?

You have the right to earn a living and you are
doing so in a fair, balanced way.

The only line I would delete from the page is this one ....
> Wholesale prices are 50% of the price at which I
> sell pots at retail fairs, on the web or in my studio.

and I only say that because it could annoy your
home/retail fair customers.

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