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updated sat 26 jan 08


Nan Rothwell on fri 25 jan 08

As everyone is talking about February Blues (and we're still only in
January), I wanted to share my solution to my own mid-winter energy loss.
At this time of year, I haul out all of my catalogs and make plans to attend
a conference or workshop. Even if the one I choose is later in the year,
just signing up for one usually gives me a jolt of energy.

For 2008, I have two on my calendar: First, I am going to CENTERED IN CLAY,
sponsored by the Potters Council and St Petersburg Clay Company. The
conference will be February 15-17, in St Petersburg, Florida. It will
feature Don Reitz as keynote speaker, plus demonstrations by John
Balistreri, Matt Long, Steve Loucks, and McKenzie Smith. I attended two
Potters Council conferences as a member of the audience. plus been a
presenter at two. They have been really enjoyable events, and I have always
come away with fresh ideas and inspiration!

In late May, my friend Kevin Crowe will host a conference called COMMUNITY
OF FIRE: GETTING IT RIGHT, PASSING IT ON. Kevin is inviting six wood
potters to his studio here in Nelson County, to come help fire his huge
multi-chambered wood kiln. His guests will be Svend Beyer, Robert Compton,
Victoria Hansen, Mark Hewitt, Micki Schoessingk, and Jack Troy. The seven
of them will fire together first, then during the conference they will
present some of the firing results, plus talk about what they learned from
the experience, about kiln design, about firing cycles, and etc. The
conference will take place at Sweet Briar College in Amherst, Virginia on
May 30 - June 1.

For information on CENTERED IN CLAY, contact Carolyn Dorr at 866-721-3322 or
look online at To learn more about
Kevin's workshop, you can call him at 434-263-4065 or look at

I know this has been a touchy subject recently, but trust that this doesn't
sound too much like an ad!

Hope to see you at one or both of these great conferences!

Nan Rothwell
221 Pottery Lane
Faber VA 22938