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iac conference

updated fri 25 jan 08


Linda R Hughes on thu 24 jan 08

Hi Barbara and all others who might be interested,

Po is putting together a post IAC conference package that will feature the vicinity around Shanghi after the conference. I have suggested Yixing (cause I love it), Suzhou, HangZhou, mostly those towns surrounding Tai Hu (Lake Tai). A bit further northwest is where the Ming and Qing dynasty kilns are located. There is a lot there to explore. Nothing is set in stone yet, but he is working on it. I am sure it would be better for Po if more people were interested. Let him know.
I have to be back in the states by 20 or 21 September at the latest due job responsibilities. My boss is leaving for France that weekend and someone needs to monitor the gallery.The post IAC conference tours offered by the conference coordinators look great but I cannot take that much time.
China is a beautiful place and the people are wonderful. I would go back annually if I could .Come enjoy.

Linda R Hughes

May you always be blessed
with a sense of wonderment