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hydrometer help

updated fri 14 nov 97


Jeff Lawrence on thu 13 nov 97

The sagacious Bill Aycock and Jonathan Kaplan have "weighed in" in favor of
weighing a known volume of your suspension over using a hydrometer. Amen,
say I, and offer the following labor-saving tips:

1. Use the same vessel every time -- an Erlenmeyer flask with a narrow neck
minimizes the miniscus variation in final weight
2. Set up a worksheet in your favorite spreadsheet (Visicalc, anyone?) that
shows the weight a beaker of your glaze or slip should have for specific
specific gravities. Print it out for a simple look-up.

Of course, doing the calculation every time probably amasses gold bricks in
heaven for doing it the hard way. Extra points for using a slide rule.

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