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clay it forward/paul's beautiful book

updated thu 24 jan 08


joyce on wed 23 jan 08

A potential donor e-mailed last week saying that she has two copies
of Paul's book. She wanted to donate one to a claybud who'd put
it to good use but who can't quite come up with the extra money.

Wonderful. I love that book, too. However, I've now lost her e-mail
and can't
recall her name,
which I couldn't use here anyway ....... due to her desire to remain
anonymous. Soooo, dear Bud, would you please get in touch with me
and permit the process to begin.

In the Mojave where we were promised rain .... everybody has it, but for
us. Drat. Maybe that's why we're called a desert, ya' think?

Oh.... to answer your questions about why Edouardo was "allowed" to send
his non-clay related post: because his timing was great .... I
figured that the timing might be right for others to share in the chuckles that
normally the moderator is the only one so privileged.