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crackled copper purple glaze

updated fri 14 nov 97


Joyce Lee, Jim Lee on thu 13 nov 97

Several of you who were kind enough to offer suggestions for "mending"
my glazed bowls, where the glaze crackled and lifted off when
dry, requested info about the firing results. Here 'tis for what it's
worth. I sprayed and smoothed the glaze on two bowls with my finger.
Neither looked acceptable but I've seen worse. There was no purple and
they just sit there looking dull with a few white lines showing through
from the clay beneath that wasn't quite covered by the smoothed glaze.
I followed one Clayarter's suggestion to just fire one bowl as is, that
I might get interesting results. Interesting word, "interesting." This
bowl was indeed "interesting" and dangerous. It had sort of a licheny
look, some very sharp pointy spots, but also a variety of blues from
pale to navy with a bit of purple. I will now follow your suggestions
to use CMC (which I didn't know existed until this thread) added to the
glaze on one more group of bowls. If the results are still yucky, this
glaze will be decimated. Tony Hansen's right. It's not worth the effort
beyond that. Too many nicer behaved glazes out there.

In the Mojave getting ready to go read Warren MacKenzie's biography for
the second time. Whatta' potter!