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photo plates - the summary elucidaiton of a method - after

updated thu 10 jan 08


James and Sherron Bowen on tue 8 jan 08

several deep and pensive musings

I think you can hang a Richard Aerni platter on a nail head.

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several deep and pensive musings

vpitelka on tue 8 jan 08

several deep and pensive musings

Lee wrote:
"Not exactly. The way to show how something would look hanging on
the wall is to hang it on a wall."

Don't be difficult, Lee. Your statement makes no sense as a response to my
post. My point was that you cannot see the foot of a platter or shallow
bowl hanging on the wall, and do not really know how it contacts the wall
unless you gaze behind it, and thus it is fine to photograph plates and
shallow bowls so that they look like they are floating in space. In fact,
it is difficult to photograph them so they do NOT look like they are
floating in space unless you use some kind of textured or patterned
backdrop, which would be very distracting and inappropriate if you want to
best-represent the plate or bowl.
- Vince

Vince Pitelka
Appalachian Center for Craft
Tennessee Tech University;