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weather conditions and glaze firing part 2

updated wed 12 nov 97


Cameron Harman on tue 11 nov 97

Much of my first reply was aimed at electric firing. Please
note, if you are gas firing, you still bring in outside air
for combustion. The moisture in that air in some cases may
be enough to change the atmosphere in the kiln over to
oxidizing or neutral. The products of combustion already
contain water, so it is a case of possibly overloading the
atmosphere with water that makes it change somewhat.

Also note that Summer and Winter are different. A humid day
in the summer can contain an awful lot of water in the air
even at a relatively low % humidity, while in the winter
almost 100% relative humidity is not so much water. The air
holds lots more water when it is warm . which is why dryers
usually provide heated air.

Complicated? yeah, but with a little experimenting, you
might get some great reults. Don't forget, some
manufacturers have been known to inject steam into the
preheating part of the firing cycle simply to transfer heat
faster, like, who would have known?

best of luck,
Cameron Harman

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