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good video book title/video

updated tue 8 jan 08


MEL JACOBSON on mon 7 jan 08

this is a barnes and noble purchase.
`the ulitimate field guide to digital video`
richard olsenius isbn 978 1 4262 0122 6
it is a national geographic book/ twenty bucks. printed in spain.

i checked the price of the software from adobe/premium
and, it seems that the big difference in the high priced
software is the huge number of formats and process' one
can do. it reminds me of java and websites.
i don't want spinning pots with flames coming from my
website. i just want to teach something.

the big issue will be for me, is finding a few great minutes
of raw material from those sending me pix of their kilns and
sheds. i will have that professionally formatted.
then made into cd production.