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thinking about us income taxes, now why!

updated sun 6 jan 08


William & Susan Schran User on sat 5 jan 08

On 1/5/08 1:36 PM, "KATHI LESUEUR" wrote:

> There is no easy solution here. No complex problem every has an easy
> solution.

You are correct, there is no easy solution because every fix so far has only
made it more complicated.

Tax simplification - what a load of complete B.S.!

It's all special interests and who has the money that have made the US tax
code the way it is. Corporations and wealthy owners of businesses, give
money to our legislators and tell them how they need to pay less taxes so
they can put more money into the economy. We've been down this path so many

Bill, cynical, but also happy...

William "Bill" Schran