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how to save money/repair

updated sun 6 jan 08


MEL JACOBSON on sat 5 jan 08

i was sure the washing machine was broken...water underneath it.
damn...and, i was only 26 years old...damn kenmore.
but, then, saw some water on the wall behind the washing machine.
damn...maybe it is that swedish/state of the art dishwasher.
looked and looked.
could not find water coming from it.
just once in awhile.
today...more water on the wall during the cycle of the dishwasher.
moved the washer out a bit, had a big flashlight...and there...a tiny
hole in the drain hose. but, how to get a factory drain hose under
i cut the hose at the hole, inserted a clear plastic hose into the break,
added the other hose to it..silicone the insert...hose clamps.
whooolalalalalala. does not leak.
total cost....8 cents for three inches of hose, 42 cents for the
hose clamps.
no new washing machine.
no new dishwasher.
call a guy...300 bucks..easy.
nice repair.
did not have to call fema at all.
and hell, they would help me...i am straight.
god, i wish i had been in wayne's house when
the fema guy stiffed him...(is that a naughty expression?)

but, wayne is now proud of me for doing my own repair.