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updated sat 29 dec 07


Tom at on fri 28 dec 07


>> Another reason for a decrease in show quality, in my opinion, is the
>> prevalence of the ZAPP application process. ...... This has been a
>> bonanza for the show organizers, as their take
>> from jury fees has increased dramatically. ........... What that has
>> led to is a huge increase in the number of accepted artists who
>> cancel,
>> often at the last minute, as their show calendar becomes
>> overbooked, or
>> double booked. Which means organizers are left to scramble to fill
>> empty
>> spaces, often with local, less proficient artists than those who
>> canceled.
>> I've talked with show organizers who say they have run through
>> their "wait
>> list" category very quickly, and been left to call anyone they know
>> who is
>> likely to show. I assume the marketplace will adjust eventually to
>> this new
>> reality, but it is different, and not necessarily better, for
>> artists and
>> show organizers, in the short run.
> When ZAPP first started I predicted it would be one of the worst
> things to happen to shows (The Source Book being my first choice). I
> see that my prediction is true. It's a nightmare for everyone
> involved.

For a little history, ZAPP was started by artists, specifically the National
Association of Independent Artists (NAIA). It was an outgrowth of their try
to standardize the marking of slides for show applications. Remember the
good old days when every show had a different marking plan? So you had to
go to the expense of lots of extra slides, used once, or take the film out
and stick it in a new carrier.

As the world moved toward electronic submission, there was a need to
standardize slide formats to get equal presentation to juries and make it so
we wouldn't have to reformat for every submission we make - not expensive
like slides, but takes time. ZAPP just took the consistent format concept
and moved it a bunch of steps further.

If you want to read the rationale, go to . They aren't saying that shows
have to use ZAPP. They're merely suggesting that everyone go to the 1920 x
1920 format for the reasons stated.

NAIA, which I've mentioned here before, is an organization by and for
artists. Bob Briscoe, potter, was the first president. They are the only
organization that has established an ongoing dialog with show management.
They are aware of what ZAPP is doing to shows. The way to change to problem
is to get involved.

No connection other than I'm an member.

Tom Wirt