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thanks to clayart - finding style and my first show

updated tue 25 dec 07


D Barnese on mon 24 dec 07

I think it was about a year ago that I wrote to Clayart, asking how long
it took people to find their "style" - a uniqueness to their work that
was recognizable and repeatable. After a few years' experience, I was
feeling frustrated that I still didn't feel like I was getting anywhere.
I got so many responses, people saying it took years, or they were still
looking, or they were always changing. The main point of all of the
replies, though, was "keep going, keep working at it, you'll get there,
don't give up!"

I am happy to report that in the past year of experimenting, I have
started to develop what I consider to be styles that I will continue to
pursue for quite some time. I can't stick with just one, because I'm too
hyper for that, but I'd say I have come up some distinct shapes and
decorating techniques that I plan to continue to develop in the coming
year. Thanks for the encouragement!

I did my first show on December 1st. My main reason for doing the show
was to see how people reacted to my work, what they picked up, what they
asked questions about, what was ignored. I learned a lot at that show,
sold a decent amount of work and left feeling confident about the things
I'll pursue in the new year. I appreciate the feedback I got from
Clayart when I asked questions about booth set-up, displays, what to
take to the show, pricing, etc. You all were a great help! I ended up
doing a show at a local church, had one 6-foot table with about two feet
of room behind it, horrible lighting, wrapped the pots on the floor as I
sold them. No room to move, but what an experience! Now I know what
questions to ask of future shows.

So, to all of you Clayarters - THANK YOU! This is a GREAT community. I
also appreciate the help I've gotten with other questions related to
kilns, glazes, stains... everything. Oh, and thanks for turning me on to
Bison tools - I invested in three of them this year, and I love, love,
LOVE them. You rock, Phil!

I wish all of you Happy Holidays (whichever you celebrate!) and a Happy
and Prosperous 2008!


Dina Barnese
Zizziba Studio
Flagstaff, Arizona