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phils bison tools

updated mon 24 dec 07


mel jacobson on sun 23 dec 07

i had an issue of the tools rolling.
i lost one...onto concrete.

i took the belt sander to one side of the handle...made it flat.
no more rolling.

i also added a dowel through one. just drilled a hole
and inserted a dowel. no rolling.
and, i like the way that dowel fits inside my hand.

i just ran out into the studio and duct taped my
hooks that bison babies are hooked to.

can't have that nasty nail metal touching them.
ish, ick...they would cry.

i know phil must shutter when my tools
are sent to him for re/finishing. he is a purist.
and, loves his handles...yes, they are lovely.
but, i hate rolling bison...buffalo's....they could

remember, your entire trimming/turning life changes
with bison tools. they are not for everyone. things
happen fast...they are sharp...and some folks cannot
handle them well.

i use at least 20 different trimming tools...many of them
hand made. about half are those i made in kyoto...still love
them for certain jobs. i like the idea of a tool that is shaped
the exact shape of the cut you want made. in fact...that is a
full chapter in my book. that perfect cut...the same every time.
it is a wonderful skill to have. for every pot/design we made in japan,
we had about 8 shaped tools all the as razors..we would
sharpen all 8 after lunch (just a bastard file...and use the edge
of your throwing platform)...and keep on trimming. maybe 300 pots
a day. you sort of catch on quick.

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