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updated fri 28 dec 07


Kris Bliss on thu 27 dec 07

hi all,

i finally got out here to the studio after all the holiday rush,
frozen pipe in the basement, elderly mother-in-law coming for
the holidays.... whew...

any way picked up on this thread of selling. i too have been lurking
since the 90's and learned so much.

what i ended up with after so much time...

75% wholesale, all over the state... shipping continues to be a pain.

the rest, commission.. sets and singles.

i have a small gallery in the studio for retail sales,
catering to mostly neighbors. still working on building
this, but i am off the beaten path..
2 studio sales (retail) turn out depends on the right
advertising, past just depended on signs and ads,
working on my mailing list. post-cards next year.
1 studio sale for seconds..yeah yeah i know, no seconds that
would hurt anyone. or i am tooo embarassed to have my
name on..
i am working on a web-site, and looking at the comments about
etsy,, etc.

i do two craft shows a year, masters of mud at the museum
(when i am invited) and our potters guild show.. (neither were
big this year)

so....i continue to grow and change, with my goal this
year to work more on marketing..also i have been known around the
state for my aurora glaze.. which i want to expand.. currently
testing iron reds.. and how they work with the aurora base.

also i am looking at nitch areas .. interior design,
funery.. etc.

sure would like to see some more info on the above.

so all , there you go.

happy new year,
i hope we can all sell our pots..

like i say i do not want to have the worlds largest collection
of bliss pottery !

kris bliss in anchorage, where sunset was at 3 something and
we are gaining minutes of sunshine a day....warmed up to
20 or so today..