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my favorite tool

updated thu 27 dec 07


Bruce Davis on wed 26 dec 07

During one of the hands-on seminars that I attended, Randy Broadnax made
each of us a trimming tool using horse hoof picks. They are available at feed
stores and he ground down the screw driver shaped end to a tapered point with
cutting edges on all sides. It is used to remove excess clay from the base
of pots and to undercut the foot.......I use it daily and is one of the few
tools that I found after Katrina wiped out our community center. Prior to
Katrina, I made one of these tools for each of my sudents at the center.

My favorite rib that I had for years floated away somewhere out into the
bay. As I wandered through the building I could hear it calling out, "I'm over
here Mr. Bruce", but I couldn't find it......I used that rib for everything
and I sure miss it.

We are getting close to reopening the center in late January. I installed
three new electric kilns last week and we will be getting our six wheels soon.

I am also making a bookcase which is going to have a placard with the names
of all the ClayArt people who donated books to our library.

Best regards for the coming year to all of ClayArt,

Bruce Davis, Mud Run Pottery
Gulfport MS
_ (

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