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mel's new book/help wanted

updated mon 7 jan 08


MEL JACOBSON on wed 2 jan 08

i have been working on a new book/guide/help sort of book
for over a year. it is all about fuel kilns. how to fire,
how to build for fuel saving. making, building, location,
shelters...gas and propane help. pipe, valves, baso, stacks etc.

i am looking for clayart friends to offer suggestions, ideas
and important concepts for a book like this. i am also going
to make a video dvd companion. it will show firings at the
farm...salt, stoneware, and wood. we will do a four hour firing
to cone 11. then show the pots.

i will be looking for friends to send me video clips of your fuel kiln,
or simple jpegs that i can make black and white.
(not today...later.) i would like to show about ten home made
kilns in the dvd. i for sure, will include quotes and images from
potters that want to be involved. real life experiences...not academic

it is going to be a self published, kinko's and white.
chock full of information...i want to keep the cost down. simple,
easy to read and understand. i have a dear friend who owns a
video /cd production/reproduction company here in minneapolis. he
has been after
me to make such a dvd. he will help me get the proper video
production together.

like my first book, i want this to be interesting, fun and informative.
no myth.
i want a spiral binding/book that can be opened flat and be used.
i want to use a strong bond paper that will take a beating. solid
plastic cover.
so, anyone that wants to be included..quoted. your pix included...let me
know. write me privately. do not post this stuff on clayart. let ME
know. i will keep the emails in a folder...start gathering stuff now.
most of my writing is done...or, at least in ruff shape. (like always.)

Kim Overall on sun 6 jan 08


Please put my name on your list of buyers
as soon as it's finished.

I am most interested in salt firing,
but heck, any kiln I can build myself
instead of buying ready made.

Showing/writing how others fire different
kilns is wonderful also.

Please include a variety of sized kilns
in your book and dvds.

Kim in Houston
Texas Potters