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mel's book ideas

updated sun 16 nov 08


MEL JACOBSON on thu 3 jan 08

talk about excited:
i have at least 10 great kilns to add to the dvd.
in fact...several, that i was counting on...just popped up
and said...`i am ready`.

two home built kilns by women potters...that did the
entire project alone. in the woods, rural america.
two great wood kilns.
a couple of fancy kilns.
and of course at least three backyard flat tops.
several great ideas for the book.

one of the most important factors in `doing it yourself` is
a decent format program.
i am going to start with the standard college ph.d. format
tool...`formatit`. simple and a nice overlay of ms word.
i sure don't need an 800 dollar adobe publishing program.
this is going to be very simple...

mel jacobson on sat 15 nov 08

i am almost ready to go to press with the

if there are any clayarters that want to be included
with some gems of writing...ideas about firing, please
drop me a line.

in fact. just send me your thoughts...they may be
included. the joy of a cd book is:
`who cares how many pages...and we love
to include`.

you can send it to me as an email.
no formatting required.

we really have some wonderful film, pix, and
the writing and information is terrific.
the best idea i had for this book was...inclusion
of bright people...and giving bylines....

one of nils' former students just sent me a great
story of building...`not a train kiln, he built a caboose`.
great small kiln.

many of you will really key into the struggle that
many have had to find that `perfect kiln`.

and my friend that designs machines has put the
plan for the small flat top kiln into a 3d/perfect cad
plan. talk about high tech.
from minnetonka:
clayart site:

Hank Murrow on sat 15 nov 08

On Nov 15, 2008, at 7:25 AM, mel jacobson wrote:

> i am almost ready to go to press with the
> book.


I burned a CD with several files on it. If you use the articles from
CM, be sure to acknowledge that it was published first in the Sep/Oct
2001 issue. I have not received permission to use the poems yet, but
don't expect any problem. Use the pics any way you see fit to
illustrate the thoughts.

I am getting a HD Camcorder, and when I have it, I will document my
kiln. I am also hoping to participate in a firing in Mary Bowron's
65' long anagama in MD in April. I hope to video that firing and the
kiln as well.

Thanks for imagining this project!

Cheers, Hank

Cd in the mail today...... formatted for both PC and Mac. What
address to use?