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updated sat 29 dec 07


mel jacobson on fri 28 dec 07

one of the great moments in high school
teaching was the day a kid brought in an entire
foam mattress...queen size.
he found it on the highway. threw it in the back of his
pickup....dragged it in. kids brought in all kinds of sponge and a lot at garage sales. big chunks.

we cut it up in blocks...soaked the blocks in water
and heavy duty soap...stored the foam in the upper shelves
of a cupboard. drag out a block, cut it up for the wheels
and big chunks for cleaning.

shows and entry fees remind me of ads on radio.

`get this wonderful book on how to make tons of money
in the stock market...secrets to big money....`
why is it...if there is so much money out there for free...the
guys that write the books don't cash in.?????
i know of three friends that became money managers and
went bankrupt. with other people's money.

shows are like that....make tons of money at our show.
seems the promoters are the one's that make the money.
beer, brats, fees.

just like pro sports..they make the most money
on parking fees and food. so, as i say often.
beware of good deals.

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Mark Issenberg on fri 28 dec 07

At a show In Chattanooga called 4 Bridges that's done in a protected open
sided hanger like building there is a sale that goes on every Sunday called the
Chattanooga Market.. It has free parking. But on the weekend that 4 Bridges
is going on its paid parking. What a crock .. I remember when I didat show
last year one of my friends/student told me she had to pay for parking.

Chattanooga loves it paid parking. It really angers me. When I go to see my
sister in Winterpark in Orlando we like to go to the shops and also like to
go there to eat and guess what ,, no meters ,,free parking..I hope Winter Park
does not change that policy..

My times Ive been to shows and wish I was selling Brats ,beer or onion
rings. At one point I wanted to do a coffee cart after seeing one in a Atlanta
show. There was a waiting line for coffee drinks never was a waiting line for my
pottery booth.

Shows ,what a pain in the - - - ..

I guess if I had the parking franchise in Chattanooga I would love paid
parking but until that happens Im happy when I read in the paper people have been
ripping off parking meters..

Free parking for all!!!!!!!

Mark on Lookout Mountain

Happy Holidays yall

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