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etsy style selling

updated wed 2 jan 08


mel jacobson on tue 1 jan 08

i was visiting with a friend that makes music, plays, writes and

he said that many small time musical types use a website
very much like etsy to sell cd's.

he maintains that it is huge...very huge.
anyone can sell from 4 dollar cd's, to 25 dollar cd's with
hundreds sold. or, you can sell 5 a year.

he knows the guys that started it in los angeles.
it was a small co-op of 5 musicians that sold
together on one grew to two hundred in a
year..then a thousand. he sold the company/site for two million
dollars. (this is all anecdotal.) but, most of the growth came
from word of mouth. people are seeking new ways to get
their art out there.

it rather proves that there are many alternative ways
to sell stuff if you can work with others..find some with
tech strength...and share the load. done correctly, it
can have almost zero overhead. it is all about organization.

we all need to remember however...we have to point people
that like what we do to the proper source.

a good friend in phoenix makes calling cards of clay.
just a disc...sort of thing...makes it pretty, adds his name
and website...leaves them at coffee shops all over the area.
people call him all the time...`hey, are you open, i have one of
your clay calling cards...nice...can i come over and look?`

i have a good idea that if you make a standard item...let's say a
4 inch bowl...and you make hundreds of them...etsy would be
an ideal venue. get a following...ship them out.
but, you would have to standardize the shipping etc. but,
many like that sort of thing...i don't. each what they
do best.

from: minnetonka, mn
clayart link: