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weather and fire

updated wed 12 nov 97


Mel Jacobson on mon 10 nov 97

my favorite weather related story as no source...just a story..
\years ago,
a group of japanese potters were firing a big hill kiln, had it about 3/4
done, the weather started to get nasty, real nasty, in fact the winds
became hurricane force...they kept on stoking, trying to finish, it was
a big struggle.....but they made it.
on opening the kiln they saw the wonderful, over fired pots, glowing,
all colorful and wonderful....the back sides of all the pots were cold as
ice, and underfired. two sided pots.

minnesota potters have great range in firing with `weather.`
we learn to live with it, and you do have to adjust to it.
that is the most imortant part of my helps me, when
the weather gets strange or nasty.. i have on occassion moved my
damper a 1/4 inch and lost reduction.
i can also show you a kiln puffing carbon from the spy holes, flame
4 inches long from the spy hole and almost no reduction inside.

seat of the pants firing is nice....or as nils call it, `quaint`...

never have figured out why potters love to live in a different century..
i mean if you want to, be my guest, but don't pump it as `truth and
religion`....i love flying the polar route to europe in a 747, don't want
to try that in a `ford` trimotor.

mel/mn. gonna fly to texas, not take my buggy this time.

LINDA BLOSSOM on tue 11 nov 97

Minnesota weather must be similar to upstate New York. Nothing worse here
than a reduction firing on a windy evening. Every time I would hear the
wind coming along I could look at the probe and see the reading drop into
oxidation. Without fail.

Linda Blossom
2366 Slaterville Rd.
Ithaca, NY 14850