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cone 6 oxidation glaze receipes/late

updated mon 31 dec 07


Alisa Clausen on sun 30 dec 07

>Alisa -
>Do you know that you are destined for sainthood? Are you prepared for
>- Vince
>Vince Pitelka

Hi Vince and my Clayart friends
I am late on the take, because I am on lazy time! Literally bobbing
around the Caribbean. I am very lucky!! and we have had the happiest
times. This is the best way for my large and spread out family to meet up
in one place. We can all be together and take the plug out. (When it all
gets too warm and fuzzy we can retreat to our cabins, we are family but as
different and eccentric as the average bear) but really a great time.

I will write about the best experience so far when I get home. You can
all really look forward to a story about Joseph who I met on a beach
selling his pots. Lean, mean potting machine!

I have had the chance to check Clayart today and there it was. Very
nice. Thank you.

Since I cannot make my own website and I wanted to get my tests organized
and out there, I made the flickr pages. Why, because I think it is
important to tell the tale and hope that others can use the information.

Organization and cosistency is my M.O. because it is the only way I
personally can chapter my work in my own head. I think the easy approach,
by color, is really fun too, because it's straightforwardness is inviting
for beginners at least look. Yes, I can!!! is what I would like to hear.
It could also serve as a good teaching tool for classrooms or whatever,
and I am the happiest when the information is looked at, understood and
then maybe inspires.

All right, thanks for the thanks, and I am not ready for Saint hood, I am
enjoying this part of planet Earth too much right now!

Best regards from Alisa in Denmark
Really sailing away from St. Kitts. OK, there is a Saint!