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bison tools/ceramic knife

updated wed 26 dec 07


Ann Brink on mon 24 dec 07

I was given a ceramic knife (Kyocera brand) for Christmas last year and I
LOVE it! Yes, it's brittle, and requires attentiveness when using it. For
instance, you wouldn't pry with the tip of it as you might with a regular
knife. I mostly use it to slice soft things like tomatoes and have never
before sliced a tomato with such ease. I don't keep it in the "knife
drawer", but put it away in the box it came in. It's worth the extra
trouble, as are my 2 Bison tools.

Ann Brink in Lompoc Ca, wishing you all a Merry Christmas!
(mostly about pottery)

You can get ceramic knives that are very sharp. They are
> popular in Japan. They are brittle too. Not sure what they are
> like to sharpen. Will find out.
> --
> Lee in Mashiko, Tochigi Japan