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updated sun 23 dec 07


Paul Gerhold on sat 22 dec 07

Dear Mel,

Don't judge all art shows by the second tier shows you are talking about. My
wife and I have been making our full time living for over 20 years doing
shows. As we get better and better we get into more and more really competitive
shows and currently do manage to get into some really good shows-of course we
get rejected from a lot of the top shows too.

I will say that we are not functional potters and that in my experience they
generally don't do well at the top shows. We did SOFA Chicago two years ago
with a gallery and saw some amazing work. Chihuly was there with his glass
as well as Jolly and Jun Kaneko had work there.

I would much rather be at a show then in a class teaching pottery to
students who will never use the skill if they have any! And yes I taught a class in
glaze theory once mostly to a bunch of bored adults who were trying to get

So I guess speak for yourself but if you haven't done any of the really top
shoes (St Paul ain't one of them) you really shouldn't comment on all shows.


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