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fail safe kilns/hand made

updated mon 17 dec 07


mel jacobson on sun 16 dec 07

if you ever have even the slightest thought that
your kiln has `failsafe` ability...well, you are
really in deep dodo.

there is no such word in ceramics...FAIL SAFE.

if i had a computer operated kiln...i would still
have to set my alarm clock...get up..check.

i have mentioned this before:
add a second pilot light to your kiln.
run the wire into your kitchen, bedroom.
i ran the wire into my work room.
all i have to do is glance up.
light off...kiln off.

at school i had a hundred watt light bulb
hanging above my desk. when it was on..the
kiln was on. when the lights in the office went off,
and the light above my desk was on...the kiln was on.
hard not to notice. (remember, a kiln has two 110V legs.
just use one leg and a common...and you have 110V circuit.)

when the janitor left my room at 11 pm...that light
had to be off...or he pulled the breaker arm.
if he did not...the new kiln cost came from the janitorial
budget. now we had FAIL SAFE. (SORT OF.)

I see a great deal of evidence that `hand made` is coming
back. that pbs series on craft was a big boost. there are
craft stories dotting the local papers often.

i tell my customers all the time...`now, isn't this better than
shopping at Kohl's?` they always agree.
it takes a great deal of sales talk to help customers realize that
we make a very unique gift of kind, no one else has
it...and it bridges the `stupid` art market. keep selling that point.
`can you buy one of those garbage cans from the walker art center?`

and, it takes conversation all the about craft, live craft,
support other craft. my wife wears a great deal of `hand made` clothing.
she wears only hand made jewelry. or, as my grand daughter calls it...
erfy. (earthy.)

a great deal of bringing back quality art sales, craft sales, is in
the hands of those that make it. just like music...if all we hear
is junk...well, we do not buy. if we hate tv...write and tell them.
i do. i just wrote my annual letter to general mills. `nothing you
make is edible.` (eatable) i do not support the walker any longer
with my money...and i write and tell them. it all goes to the
mpls museum. they have a permanent craft area. great pots to
see all the time...and new work too.

as vince mentioned to me the other week...`something new is on
the horizon...can't wait to see what it is..` great thought.
let's help push it along. mel

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