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gail and high tech repair

updated sat 15 dec 07


mel jacobson on fri 14 dec 07

gail, the computer was fine.
the owners assumed virus.
it just needed your `standard kick ass instructions`.
keep it clean
keep it simple
don't add crap
run your spybot, avg, defrag, history delete
and clean the hard drive every week.
(on the computer gail built for me...all those icons are on
the desktop...and the fear of god if i do not do them every friday.)

it had never been done on that computer.
`defrag, what the hell is defrag?`

as i say about many things...`do simple maintenance
on all you own...or pay someone else a hell of
a lot of money to do it for you.`

i just rebuilt a computer for an 89 year old lady.
did the total re/format, reload.
hell, it was just 15 hours of volunteer time.
she cried. so, it was well worth it.

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