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newsletter december 2007

updated sun 2 dec 07


Chinese Clay Art on tue 4 dec 07

Chinese Clay Art, USA
Newsletter Vol. 60
December 2007

in this issue
* Free Shipping-Happy Holidays
* New Arrival
* American Ceramic Art Works in the Exhibition at Jingdezhen
* Guangzhen Zhou received the Appreciation Certificate

emailed to professional artists,
curators, collectors, writers, experts,
educators and students in the ceramic
field, who want to know about ceramic art
in China and things related. This newsletter
will be a bridge between China and
Western countries for the ceramic arts.
Comments and suggestions are very

An earlier newsletter is on the Web at:

Chief Editor: Guangzhen "Po" Zhou

(Copyright 2007, the Chinese
Ceramic Art
Council, USA. All rights reserved.)

Free Shipping-Happy Holidays

Letter from Guangzhen Zhou, the Chinese Clay Art
It is the holiday season again and the
year of 2007 has almost ended.
We would like offer free shipping (until Dec. 31, 2007)
to our valued clients and say "Happy Holidays" to

During the past year, we have faced the problems of
inflations for most raw materials and gasoline, the
labors' price rose in China. The US currency
exchange rate dropped. But we have to keep our low
prices and high quality products to keep our
customers satisfied. We have been focused on the
quality improvement. One of the problems was the
CLAY GUN- it was difficulty to press the clay
from the
tube. I had the factory add one more lock piece on the
bar which made it work easier.

Guangzhen Zhou, Chief Editor -

New Arrival

We have been shipping our products from China every
three to four months. This time we have received:
Six new Wooden Molds; Round Fish MD
63, Crane MD 64, Lobster MD 65,
Lotus Flower MD 66, Dragon and Phoenix
MD 67, and Double Happiness MD 68
(with Dragon and Phoenix for marriage).

Teakwood Round Carved Stands AV
00, ten sizes from diameters 1.5" to 6", which
can be used underneath your valued artworks.

Mini-Rubber Pen, DS 05, the miniature
pen with a tip that can be used for smoothing out the
details of your sculptures.

American Ceramic Art Works in the Exhibition at Jingdezhen

As one of the sponsors, we have shipped 12 pieces
from 10 American artists. It is expensive to get all of
these pieces shipped from California to Jingdezhen,
China. The exhibition was wonderful.
Here is a list
of the artists' names: Barbara Brown, Sandy Simon,
Marta Matray, Robert Lawarre, Tom Decker, Barbara F.
VanSickle, Lee Middleman, Bill Geisinger, Ali and
Howard Shapiro. Every participant will receive a free
copy of the catalog and pay $20 (plus shipping) for
each additional copy. Please contact us at

Guangzhen Zhou received the Appreciation Certificate

The American delegation spent three nights in Yixing.
They had Mr. Ding, who was a photographer from
Yixing Daily Newspaper, following for one and half
days, and he took many photos for us. The next day,
there was a picture on the local newspaper-Ali and
Howard Shapiro with the director of Yixing Ceramic
Museum, handling the pieces for donation. Next day, a
newspaper called "New China Daily" (the Jiangsu
Provincial News) published pictures of the group of
Americans purchasing clay tools at a local store.
On October 27, right after sending the American
delegation home, Guangzhen Zhou went back to
Yixing for the grand opening of a local ceramic
exhibition and received the Appreciation Certificate
from the Jiangsu Provincial Ceramic Association and
the Yixing Ceramic Association. It said: Mr. Guangzhen
Zhou, Thank you for your contribution to the ceramic
cultural exchanges between China and the western

phone: 1-800-689-2529

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