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kiln and breast explosions

updated mon 10 nov 97


Dolores O'Callaghan on sun 9 nov 97

I am a high school Ceramics teacher and I have have 30 inner city students
and we keep things simple - premixed glazes, etc. Some of you purists would
be scandalized by some of my methods. However, we are happy.
As to the breasts, when something breaks off I usually do this. I put a
thick coat of glaze on the break and use the glaze as glue. Then I use a
conventional glue ( like Goop or something) to hold it temporarily. This
will hold in the kiln until the glaze takes hold. It does not always work but
sometimes it does.
Now I have a question. I have an electirc kiln and it is rusted around the
outside rim. Sometimes this rust will drop down and become flecks in the
glaze. Can I paint the outside rim with a high temp. paint? Which brand?