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updated fri 30 nov 07


Marta Matray on wed 28 nov 07

hey tony,
can you stay in jingdezhen a little longer?
i am enjoying to see a very different world
on your blog, its great.
thanks for all that wonderful info
and the photos as well! you can stay there,
cant you? i am sure sheila wont mind (he-he)

tony clennell on wed 28 nov 07

hey gang; We spent a long cold day loading our fifth wood firing while here
in Jingdezhen. The kiln here has never been fired so much in a semester.
We've had 3 high fire and this is our second reduction cool firing. This
firing was hard to load as there was a lot of big sculptural work and
nothing that was really similar to fit on shelves. From my point of view
this kiln load has the most variety of interesting work I have seen made
from our group. There is a large high fire reduction car kiln firing going
as well tonight and our Young Danny Crump just fired the first soda kiln in
China at the Pottery Workshop. That means we have had two firsts- reduction
cool and soda firing. USU Fire Brigade has a reputation to live up to. I was
rather pleased that a couple of pots of mine held their own with the
sculptural work of my very talented colleague Bang Mein in scale and
presence. We have a lot at stake in this firing and are candling tonight and
it is really bitterly cold. We have an old kitchen stove for putting wood in
that we call the hobo stove. I hope it will keep the brave ones warm
tonight. They let the ole guy get some sleep before my shift at 6am. I'll
arrive early with hot tea.
One more week here in Jingdezhen then I hit the road for some more China