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potterscouncil workshop at berkeley potters guild [longish]

updated thu 29 nov 07


Rikki Gill on tue 27 nov 07

Hi Everyone,

This January the Potters Council will hold its second workshop at the
Berkeley Potters Guild.
We all had a great time last year , and enjoyed showing our guests our
studio, and our city.
This year we will do our best to create an even better presentation.

We have chosen our presenters carefully. Some are well known, some will be
Sam Chung you may remember from a vibrant NCECA presentation a few years
David Hendley from workshops across the country and from his annual presence
in the
Clayart room at NCECA complete with guitar. He will play for us at the
Willie Hulce and Julia Kirillova are Guild members. Julia learned her craft
in Russia
and produces whimsical figures that are unique to her. She will share her
method of design.
Willie some will remember from last year. Her work is inspirational. She
throws and alters large pots, in her own style.
Virginia Cartwright treats clay almost like cloth. She is also well known
from the many workshops she gives across the country.
She shapes by intricate cutting of inlayed colored clay.
Gerald and Kelly Hong are a couple who work together but do different parts.
They have their own take on raku. Their interpretation is lovely. They
are part of the Northern California clay community.
We will also have a great party to kick off the weekend. We had one last
year and the Berkeley clay people came to enjoy food live music,
and three book signings. It was a great start.

Our dates are January 11th through 13th. If you are interested, look at
you will have a better idea of what they all do. You can register there if
you like.

Best wishes and good shows to all

Rikki Gill