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special kiln construction

updated tue 27 nov 07


William & Susan Schran User on sun 25 nov 07


I'm soliciting opinions on a current project.

I'm renovating/retrofitting an old electric kiln to be fired with propane
gas for the purpose of post firing reduction of crystalline glazed pots.

The interior dimensions of the kiln are: 14" x 14" x 21"h.
Burner port opening is 3 1/2" square.
Flue is 5" square.
Burner is MR 750
I will be adding a stack, 6" diameter wood stove pipe, lined with fiber.

I won't get into all the reasons about the process, but it's similar to
firing overglaze lusters in that the temperature range is very low, only
about 1400=B0F (760=B0C) in a rather heavy reduction atmosphere.

I've posted images to another online forum and would invite those with
interest to take a look and provide me with any comments/suggestions you
might care to offer. Here's the link:


TIA, Bill

William "Bill" Schran