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workshop/tour in spain

updated sun 9 nov 97


Marcia Selsor on sat 8 nov 97

I will be taking a group to Spain again this summer. Here are the

Arrive in Barcelona Friday May 29, Sat. Sun. and Mon. 6/01
Visit sites in Barcelona: Casa Piedra , Guell Park , Sagrada
Familia by Gaudi
The National Museum of Catalan Art , the National
Ceramics Museum,
options include visits to Miro and Picasso Museum,
the Museo Mares

Travel to Valencia evening of 6/01.

Spend two full days in Valencia, visiting the chapel of the Holy
Grail, another National Museum of Ceramics in the remodeled Palacio
de Marquis de Dos Aguas. Short excursion to Manises where
lusterware is still produced as it has been since the Middle Ages.

Travel to Agost on the evening of June 4. Get settled.
Visit to local potteries where traditional vessels are made.
Observe the wood-firing of the 3-story Hornos Arabe kilns
Short trips to surrounding towns- in Alicante visit Santa Barbara's
and the Grand Market.

Friday night visit a private estate known as the Moroccan Tea House
with it's
exotic gardens with meandering peacocks.

Jun 6
Participants of the 10-option will depart.
June 6-14
Participants of the 4-week session will begin lectures and language
and work in the studios. Facilities include a small version of the
Hornos Arabe
type kiln, a soda vapor kiln, a raku kiln and access to gas and
electric kilns.
The Ceramics workshop will be mixed with short trips and firing
of the various kilns.

Jun 16-18
Travel to Granada to visit the Alhambra, the final stronghold of
the Moors
conquered in 1492 by Ferdinand and Isabella. Visit a factory in
the Albarracin where Moorish style tiles are made. Enjoy an late
evening of Flamenco Dancing. Visit the Chapel of Ferdinand and
Isabella where there is an excellent collection of Renaissance
paintings by Botticelli and Memling.

On to Cordoba to see the Great Mosque begun in the 9th century with
additions up through the 13th century. Walk through the Juderia,
(Jewish Barrio) which was home to Maimodes and Seneca. Take an
excursion to the Medina, a palace
which was legend right out of the Arabian Nights.

Return to Agost via Elche and the oldest Palm Grove in Europe
planted by the Phoenicians. Walk through the Huerto de Cura, the
site of continuous occupation of Iberian, Roman, and Visigoth

Finish firing all the work. Critique and select pieces for an
at the museum. Visit the fiesta in Alicante, Los Hogueres de San
The Fires of St. John, a celebration of the summer solstice.

Friday, June 26 depart from Alicante. International flights arrive
in U.S. on the same day.

COSTS: for the 10 day session without airfare=$1530
For the 4 week session without airfare=$2590
These include ground transportation, housing, and museum

The estimate with airfare:
10 day session= $2430
4 week session= $3490

For a catalog from ARTIS call 1-800-232-6893
For more information about things in Spain, email me.
Marcia in Montana