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approximation art

updated sun 18 nov 07


Deborah Thuman on fri 16 nov 07

Lili asked: Can I found a school of APPROXIMATION ART ? This will
consist of pots that
try really really hard, but don't quite make it?

Pots that try really really hard but don't quite make it are called

I played with some of my pots that try really hard today. They were at
that perfect carving stage. I got the latest issue of Pottery Making
Illustrated this week so I have an overabundance of inspiration. What
would happen if I tried carving on these pots? I don't know if I made
art, but I sure had fun. And I made some headway in thinking about the
kinds of decorative carving I want to do on pieces. If nothing else,
they will be fun to glaze.

I'm not where I want to be artistically - but I'm a long way from where
I started. Let's see.... I'm 55 so by the time I'm 90, I should be
pretty good at this.