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need help finding axner sinks

updated fri 16 nov 07


Stacy Miller on thu 15 nov 07

Hello everyone, My name is Stacy, I live here in Texas and have been a pot=
ter for many years. I am working on a functional show to be held in June o=
f next year that will express my point of view using bathroom fixtures. Si=
nks, Urinals, Toilets, and so on. I am writing you all to ask for some hel=
p. =20
For the longest time I have seen bisque sinks, high fire cone 10 sinks at A=, however yesterday I called to order 25-30 sinks for my show and=
was told that "they were not allowed carry them anyone?" I thought that t=
he sinks were made by axner but I guess not. When I asked the lady how to =
get in touch with the company that makes them she said, that they could no=
t give out that information and she was sorry, but a memo was sent out sayi=
ng we do not sell the sinks anymore. I don't care who makes them I jsut ne=
ed them!! Just my luck, when you need something you can't get it. So wi=
th that being said, does anyone know where to get the sinks that axner sol=
d? I need them bad!! Please help!
Thank you
Stacy Miller
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