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updated mon 12 nov 07


tony clennell on sun 11 nov 07

hey gang! I figure you must have thought I fell asleep under an apple
tree. the past 4 days I've been up to my armpits firing and surviving.
I just went out today on the streets for some photos to feed y'all. I
put up 4 new posts in my blog so I hope that will keep your appetite
wet. This week we have the Tian Bao water jar makers here at JCI for
a 3 day demo. I'm very excited about these pots. HUGE water jars made
with coils and a paddle. i'll be sure to take lots of photos. these
boys are now out of work thanks to the refrigerator. We are lucky the
old boys are still around. I am about to see the end of a skill.


Elizabeth Priddy on sun 11 nov 07

"Check out this water basket. Gee, I wonder if ya just see a clay one being made by yours truly??? Tom W- Is that referencing work or just down right stealing?"

There is a young saying, "you leave it, I thieve it"

if you thieve something wonderful and then make it something even
more wonderful, that makes you and artist, not just a common thief.

I have known both in my time and I respect the artists.

I can see that water basket with woodfired finish on it already.


Elizabeth Priddy
Beaufort, NC - USA

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