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ceramics studio / residency at nottingham

updated sun 11 nov 07


Nottingham Arts on sat 10 nov 07

There is an openning for a ceramist in our artist collective here at the
Nottingham Center for the Arts.

We have a 20 x 17 ft. ceramics studio available for a ceramist working
in high fire clay who is in the emerging artist range of their carreer.
The studio has 220 v. for an electric kiln, a new large Baily slab
roller, and full access to all of the ceramics and other facillities
here at Nottingham.
These include: Halverson 30 cu. ft. car kiln, Skutt 1027 electric kiln,
West Coast 30 cu. ft. updraft ( and many other ceramic kilns, a
large Soldner clay mixer, and a large northstar slab roller.
We also have a full hot glass shop and complete woodworking shop.

The Nottingham Center for the Arts has evolved into mostly an artists
collective with a non profit arts adjunct.

As with all our artists; the ceramics resident would pay aprox. $ 250 /
month for studio rental, pay their own utilites, and give a minimum of
1/2 day / week working with the staff on Center projects.

We have a very vibrant scene for artist / craftpersons in the group as
well as lots of other arts / crafts groups using our facillity for their
meetings and workshops.

Some of these are: Ceramic Artists of San Diego ( , Association of Glass
Artists of San Diego, and the San Diego Wood Turners Club ( ) .

For a ceramic artist wanting no restriction on what projects they might
want to work on; this is the place.

Please forward this message to anyone who might need such a place or
know of someone.

Terry Sullivan
Director, and Chief Gofer
Nottingham Center for the Arts
San Marcos, CA ( no. San Diego County )

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Personal phone: (760) 471-8814

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