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videos,clay prep, wedging and egos

updated fri 16 nov 07


Marek & Pauline Drzazga-Donaldson on fri 9 nov 07

Dear Jim and Cindy,

I did respond to your first post, but not to you directly.=20

your video showing the methods of clay prep - cows head ( I was told =
Ram's Head or Bull's Horns, same difference) etc was pretty clear. The =
height and stance was not good, and even the smallest of things (typist =
pool scenario) repeated enough times can cause damage. I look forward to =
your clay prep video next year, and if I can constructively criticise I =
However, my mountain of clay is not only impressive, but is in actuality =
a necessity. I throw large, so large clay prep is required. I have a =
variety of clay prep videos (lots of different angles, split screen etc) =
with all sizes and types of methodology. I teach weekenders to throw, =
and many (second visit) throw very large, have had one middle aged lady =
throwing 35lbs of clay first day second visit. Throwing large is easier =
that small in my view, if you get past the fear and use soft clay.
Easiest way to prepare a small amount of clay for the wheel is to hand =
batt - I will get a video of that up soon - and I hope you will =
criticise that too, as I have big hands it will obviously be too big ha =
ha. Joking apart, it really is just a way of either kneading or wedging =
(that is two different ways) in the hand, you can be sitting at the =
wheel, standing etc, so stance is not a problem, and small amounts are =
knocked up in seconds.

regards Marek=20

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Charles Hightower on thu 15 nov 07

Looks to me like Donald Duck. What do you think Roger?